Compare Sleepy Movies

Comparison of Top Worldwide Releases 1927-2007



Keeps Audience Awake Audience Enjoyment Factor Lasting Effect on Audience
The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple 1927, China 1620 minutes Dazed and disoriented Bad Fear of movie theaters
Gods and Generals 2003, USA 231 minutes Battle scarred   Really bad  

Fear of muzzle-loading smoothbores 2006, USA

1.5 minutes Snoozing happily Excellent Live happily ever after

Which of these famous movies would YOU rather see? The choice is yours.


Don’t be fooled by the hype. 


Don’t fall for a Chinese product that’s 80 years old or a movie made in the USA back in 2003,  before video editing and marketing were perfected.


Stick with quality. Stick with